Such a long journey


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I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but I just never seemed to have enough inspiration. It was almost like my muse waited just until I had this icing-on-the-cake kind of experience and THEN I would really not be able to wait.

So this, since I know you’re wondering, (oh the things I tell myself so I can sleep better) is about the Delhi Metro. First and foremost. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the Metro. I take it to work every single day, and I sometimes even choose to take the Metro when I have another option.

In fact, in addition to benefits like its affordability and time-efficiency, I also think that the Metro is up there in its entertainment quotient.

I have always enjoyed watching people. I’d like to think of myself as observant, but you wouldn’t be wrong in saying I am judgemental. You also would not be wrong in thinking that I know JUST how to beat around the bush. (I sincerely hope you guys spend as much time thinking about the writer of this post as I’d like to think.)

So. The Metro. Let’s just say, if you have spent as much time on it as I have, you will find that you can categorise your fellow commuters into a few categories. The plus point of said finding: Delhi’s population of 14 million or so (of which, I let myself believe, ten million take the Metro everyday) won’t be so intimidating once you’ve clubbed them into these cliques; and more importantly, you will be duly entertained, and will have reached your destination even before you’re done judging.

So, here they are:

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